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From Scott “Mash” Schumaker, Distiller:

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, untouched by time, there still lies a tradition very much alive. Illegal spirits flowed from the deep hollows and rugged mountains, funding the moonshine trade and pursued by the Revenuers, “The Taxman”

Virginia Sweetwater is the same recipe handed down thru the years, tried and delightful. Virginia Sweetwater is the legal version, taxes paid, made by hand in small batches just for you, by my company Appalachian Mountain Spirits, LLC. This is true, mountain made corn whisky, enjoy it straight, over ice or in your favorite mixed drink.

Founded in 2012, we are an Artisan Craft Distillery with a mission to provide exceptional spirits. Our products currently include: War Horn Whisky, Virginia Sweetwater: White Water, Amber Oak Branch. We recently won 1st place in the Walker Valley Moonshine Exhibition. Our small craft distillery in Marion, Viriginia – the heart of the middle Appalachians – is dedicated to preserving a tradition that founded a nation. Come visit us – our facility tours are fun and educational! Check out our gallery pages on the building of our Still House and to see Kelsey – our first still.


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